Whats it like to have ..... a Personal Triathlon Coaching

As so many of my clients are now endurance athletes I though I ought to experience how it feels to have such a  high level of commitment to training and what being an endurance athlete really feels like.
Trust me..I appreciate my monthly massages so much more now!!

So in Sept 2011 I stated a coaching programme to prepare me for the Windsor Olympic Distance Triathlon .. not major endurance I know .. but we all start somewhere!

I've been doing my 6+ hours a week training which has included lots of base training running (slow gradual build-up) and a weekly 2 hour bike ride and a rather grizzley 6am swimming session on Friday mornings all thanks to the Tri2o club, very friendly club.
But its paying off with a lower resting heart rate and a higher max heart rate and a pretty good time at the recent Woodcote 10k in January.

It can be tough, especially cold mornings and damp evenings when you just want to sit by the fire and eat chocolate, but I'm enjoying the benefits.

The best thing.. is actually a minor miracle!
I have been suffering with Morton Neuroma for almost 12 months. A nerve problem that starts like pins and needles between my 3 & 4th toe that gradually builds to real pain with every step while running. I've seen a podiatrist and a physiotherapist ... with no success.. until.
One 1 hour session with my coach on my running technique .. which I never admitted to being a natural runner ...but he transformed me from a plodder to a slow runner.. but I look like I run.. heels flick up and my body feels like its actually carrying me forward rather than just sitting on top of my hips like a passenger.
Its hard to describe but I feel like I run 'lighter', and as a result and after two 12 mile training runs I have not had a single pain in my foot!!
Trust me though, if my technique slips I start to get a tingle ... well that for me is the most remarkable outcome of this training to date ... I am so happy so be running pain free!

My next challenge is the Wokingham half marathon on 19th Feb.
If you have any questions about my training or anything else on my website, then please drop me a line.

I support a few local events on an annual basis. They keep asking me back because of the positive response from their competitors. 
Give me a call to enhance your event by providing massage.
In 2010 I supported :
Anthony Maynard Sportive, July 18th 2010. 
Toad Hall 10k.. only for the bravehearted!
Pangbourne 10k - September



New Therapies
  • I am a Level 4 qualified therapist in Soft Tissue Massage.
  • Qualified in Masterclass for Massage During Pregnancy.
    You can still enjoy all the benefits associated with Sports Massage throughout your pregnancy. With a few restrictions and lots of consideration, I can still treat current muscular aches and pains and relieve those associated specifically with pregnancy.
  • Hot Stone Massage
This treatment is simply lush! In the most simple terms, thermotherapy melts and relaxes the muscles to enhance the massage.
You still continue to get all the benefits of my hands, as I massage with the stones first to heat the muscles and tissue then use my hands for the deep tissue work.

On a more techincal level : the benefits of HOT stone include
  • deep relaxation
  • heat from the stones is transferred to the body and can reach up to 3cm into the muscle
  • stress is reduced, relieving mental and physical fatigue
  • circulation is improved and muscles have increased blood supply, so improving function
  • the warmth can relieve pain in muscles and joints
  • tension in connective tissue is decreased
  • deep comfort of receiving warmth on the body
The benefits of cold/cool stone massage:
  • refreshes and stimulates the mind
  • soothes irritation
  • pushes blood out of the tissue, then if using hot stones it allows the heat to pull fresh blood back in
  • cools down the body on a warm day 
Using cold and hot can generate a pumping action in the tissues to actively push waste out and pull fresh blood into the muscle tissue.
  • Express Facial
Using organic products by Suti I now offer a mini express facial with includes a cleanse and gentle exfoliation, followed by relaxing facial and shoulder massage. Price is £25.
Add a 30 minute back massage for a full hour of relaxation for £40.
  • Evening appointments are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  and Wednesday so please call for up to date availability.
  • Two Saturday mornings a month. 
  • Please contact me for all appointments in Tidmarsh on 07768 717791.